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New: RxDC Reporting

As an employer, navigating the complex world of RxDC reporting can be daunting. StanleyKup is here to help.

New: 2024 ACA eFiling Services

There is a new ACA eFiling mandate that applies to all employers that offered a self-insured group health plan (including level-funded and ICHRA) in 2023.

StanleyKup Compliance Service List

We tailor our services to your company size and insurance plan type. You can find descriptions for our services here.

Book a Meeting

We offer comprehensive compliance solutions, as well as à la carte services to fit your needs. Not sure what you need? Book a complimentary consulting meeting with StanleyKup to help us learn about your business.

Compliance Service Descriptions

Our expertise in decoding legislation, rules, and regulations is second to none. We distill this knowledge into easy-to-understand, practical, and actionable takeaways, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the compliance curve.

ACA Reporting & Strategy

All self-insured level funded and ALEs have a reporting requirement. We help you confidently navigate the ACA reporting for all businesses, including growing businesses close to the 50-employee threshold.

COBRA & State Continuation Reminders

We will help you know who gets what, and when

Risk Assessment

Like the check-engine light on a car, a risk assessment can alert to areas of concern.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Document

If you're taking pre-tax contributions, this document is vital. If you have account-based plans, a simple POP won't cut it.

Wellness Program Analysis

Almost all plans have a wellness component. Most employers don't realize this.

Notice Packet

Medicare Part D, CHIPRA, COBRA, HIPAA, and other notices all bundled together with best practices for distribution.

SPD Wrap Drafting

Wrap all the benefit lines together in a way that makes sense.

Dependent Audit (Eligibility)

Comprehensive Dependent Eligibility Audit. Review documents & validate eligibility.

Medicare Part D Disclosure and Reporting

Like the check-engine light on a car, a risk assessment can alert to areas of concern.

Signature-Ready Pay-or-Play 226J Response

If you get a notice from the IRS, we will craft a response with the objective of reducing or eliminating any proposed penalty.

Signature-Ready Form 5500 Filing

If you're large or funded through a trust, generally you must file a Form 5500.

Signature-Ready PCORI Reporting

We can't file the Form 720 on your behalf, but we can get you up to the finish line.

Nondiscrimination Testing

Every pre-tax benefit has nondiscrimination testing. The consequences of being discriminatory impact the C-Suite.

Compliance Calendar

Timely compliance alerts relevant to your benefit package based on your size, funding, benefits offered, and plan year. All you need, nothing you don't.

Compliance Audit for Federal and State Laws

Deep dive exploration into your benefits, processes, and documentation with actionable items that will move you towards compliance.

New Compliance for Gag Clause Prohibitions

A new annual reporting requirement dependent on removing gag clauses.

New Service Provider Compensation Disclosure

An “easy button” for handling compensation disclosure.

New Prescription Drug (RxDC) Reporting

See what’s actually getting reported. Your carrier, TPA, or PBM may
offer RxDC Reporting, but they often don’t let you see your own information.

New Compliance for Machine Readable Files

Three machine readable files must be updated monthly and publicly available. Are you tracking compliance?

New Mental Health Analysis

Mental health parity is not new but showing your work demonstrating parity is, and an unbiased review is prudent.

HIPAA Privacy & Security Program & Training

If you're self-insured (including level-funded) this is a must!

Benefit Guide

A user-friendly guide that helps employees understand their benefits and use them wisely.

Individual Mandate State Filing:


Fiduciary in a Box

Yes, you are a fiduciary. We have a solution to document your fiduciary efforts.

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